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Eye Examinations

The First Step Towards Beautiful Vision


Eye Examinations

Seldom do any of our tests or procedures cause pain or discomfort. Much of what we do revolves around your needs, hobbies and occupation for which you rely on your vision. You will receive a customized treatment approach so you leave with a plan to maximize your potential and best chance for beautiful vision.

Since many general health conditions (and medications) can affect your eyes, a thorough history is essential. Your first visit in our office may take up to one hour, perhaps longer depending on the complexity of your case, and necessary baseline tests. Your eyes will be dilated during your first visit in our office. Although it is a minor inconvenience, pupil dilation is still the method preferred by retinal specialists for evaluation of the retina. For this reason it is the standard of care and the method of retinal examination we recommend.

We use all of the available technology to assist us in our examination. However, technology will never replace the doctor patient relationship and that is what we emphasis for every guest who sits in the examination chair.

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New Patients

We have grown our practice by excelling at fun, personalized service and we look forward to meeting you and your family.

We require all NEW patients to our office to obtain a baseline retinal photograph. The image of your retina serves as a baseline to monitor long term ocular health and detect diseases earlier. This is not part of your routine examination nor covered by insurance. We keep the cost modest at $35 and feel it is well worth it to protect the precious gift of sight.

If you are new patient to us, please proceed to our new patients page and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We cannot wait to meet you!