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Our Technology

Our Technology includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Heidelberg (HRT II) Scanning Laser Tomography
    • To evaluate optic nerve and retinal nerve fiber integrity in glaucoma patients
  • Keratron Corneal Wavefront Mapping
    • To “map” the surface of the eye prior to contact lens fitting and for management of corneal and surface disease.  Also used to screen candidates for laser corrective surgery
  • Humphrey Automated Perimetry- Field Analyzer
    • The “standard” instrument to check for progression of glaucoma and certain neurological diseases
  • Humphrey Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT) Perimetry
    • A highly specialized field instrument to screen for very early glaucoma
  • Digital Retinal Imaging/Photography by Synemed
    • For the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of retinal diseases
  • Sonogage Corneal Ultrasound
    • Ultrasound corneal thickness measurements are critical in assessing and managing glaucoma
  • Huvitz and Keratron Auto Keratometry
    • Measures your corneal curvature in only seconds; aids in contact lens fitting
  • Huvitz and Canon Auto Refraction
    • Measures your eyeglass prescription in only seconds; helpful for those with language barriers and those unable to undergo prolonged testing by the doctor
  • Eyemaginations patient educational software
    • Software to help us better explain your condition
  • Maximeyes electronic medical records system
    • A secure system to manage and handle all of your medical and eye care information



We are proud to offer services and technology to our patients which distinguishes the type of care we provide.  We continue to add new technology to our office that is clinically relevant, clinically proven and at a cost that makes your care in our office a value.   
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