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Below are some of our favorite resources and links to colleagues we work with.  Please note this list is not all inclusive but meant as a means to help you find the information you need while “surfing” the web.  Please contact us if you are looking for something specific and are unable to locate it.

  • - American Optometric Association.  The organizing body of optometry and source of information for both patients and doctors of optometry.

  • - New York State Optometric Association.  The state affiliate of the American Optometric Association with information for patients and doctors of optometry, specific to New York State.

  • - Childrens Vision Coalition.  The charitable arm of the New York State Optometric Association which focus is the well being of our children’s eyesight and visual development.  Information for parents.

  • - a site with a wealth of eye care information including ocular conditions and a FAQ section.

  • - A site dedicated to those with macular degeneration.  Easy to navigate with information on support groups, the disease and great links.  Ability to scale font size up for those with poor vision.  A good resource.

  • - Glaucoma Research Foundation. A site dedicated to those with or suspected of having glaucoma.  Good links, easily navigated and the ability to scale font size up for those with poor vision. 

  • - Information from the FDA on LASIK and refractive surgery with information on safety, a patient checklist, and what to consider before surgery.

  • - Retina Vitreous Surgeons of Central New York.  A fantastic group of retinal specialists in Syracuse, New York who have taken very good care of many of our patients over the years.

  • - Strong Vision at the University of Rochester.  One of the premier refractive surgery centers in the United States who have taken excellent care of our patients seeking refractive surgeries such as LASIK or PRK. 

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