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We do not just “fit” contact lenses in our office.  We prescribe quality products and lenses and make sure you are comfortable wearing them.  We ducate you in contact lens care so your eyes remain healthy throughout your lifetime.

Unfortunately, we see people on a daily basis who treat their contact lenses as just another commodity.  Often, they are ill prepared to tell us their solutions, contact lens brands, and special wearing schedule.  Too often they did not get the specialized approach and education we offer.  We insist that each patient receive a certain level of expertise in the care and hygiene of their lenses before leaving our office. This is something you simply will not get at warehouse or retail store optical departments.

We treat contact lenses as medical devices and therefore perform a professional fitting using the latest technology. Your contact lens wearing experience should be safe, fun and comfortable. We fit all brand name lenses from AcuVue, Bausch and Lomb, Cooper, Ciba and many others.

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We also fit specialized lenses for diseased and difficult cases, including astigmatic (toric) and bifocal contact lenses. Both doctors are Certified Synergize™ Contact Lens Practitioners, and we use this lens for keratoconus, post surgical cases and very high amounts of astigmatism.

While contact lenses can be fit at almost any eye doctor's office, we have an additional advantage. As a clinical research site for several manufacturers we have advanced knowledge not only of traditional lenses and solutions used by everyone else, but also of emerging technology in the contact lens field. Our doctors use this knowledge, obtained from our experience and participation in current clinical research, to fit you with a lens that is the most appropriate for your individual needs.

If major lens and pharmaceutical manufacturers trust US to develop their products and do their research, YOU can trust us to appropriately care for your eyes and keep you healthy.  For further information on how we’re improving how we do things, and helping shape eye care for thousands of other doctors, please visit our clinical research site.

At the completion of your fitting, education and follow up visits you will be given a contact lens prescription that you can fill in our office or take with you to get filled where you like.

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