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Welcome to our practice!  We are very proud of our history of excellent eye care in the Vestal and Greater Binghamton area.  Many patients will remember seeing Dr. Vincent DeVita when he opened this practice “cold” in 1987.  Dr. DeVita and I practiced together from 1991 until 2003, when he retired and moved to Vermont.  I credit him for laying the groundwork for quality care based on simple principles, which still guide us today.  First, always do the right thing by the patient and never take any patient for granted.  Second, treat your patients as you would your friends, with courtesy and respect.  And finally, maintain the highest standards of care by continually improving yourself through study and education.  Excellence will drive the practice forward and people will always seek excellence.  We have been blessed with growth, laughter, friendships and prosperity and a fantastic team of people who truly love their job.

Our practice is unique in several different ways:

  • You will not likely see us advertising heavily to draw patients to our door.  We believe that solid, long term growth comes from word of mouth referrals.  Our strongest asset has always been the patients that do our advertising for us.

  • We are a heavily science based practice, doing a large amount of clinical research work for various contact lens and pharmaceutical companies.  Consequently, we often have products to market before most other practices do and we love sharing new technology and treatments with our patients.

  • We are involved in physician education through the Family Practice Residency program at The Johnson City Family Care Center at Wilson Hospital.  You will often see other doctors in our office learning the latest in eye care technology and treatments.   We do appreciate that our patients have been most gracious letting physicians observe us work so they may learn the latest eye care techniques.

  • We have fun seeing patients.  Laughter is common in our office as we feel it helps our days pass more enjoyably and makes it pleasant for all involved.

I hope you join our practice and become a guest in our office! 

Dr. Andrew Sacco

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